Prices, Terms and Conditions


The Translation costs are determined by the number of standard pages of the target text. One standard page containing 30 lines, each of 60 characters per line including spaces or 1,800 characters including spaces on one page. The price depends upon the level of difficulty and the required deadline..
Common translations
– price by agreement depending on the volume, extent and complexity of the translation text.
Sworn (official) translations
– EUR 25 / standard page


The interpreting services costs are contractual and dependant on the field of specialization and category of the interpreting service (simultaneous, consecutive, telephone interpreting).
– 1 hour – EUR 35
– 4 hours (half day) – EUR 180
– 8 hours (whole day) – EUR 350

Translation calculationInterpreting calculation
We provide quantity, loyalty and individual discounts for translation and interpreting services.
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'Cutting Edge' Translation Services

Specialised (professional) translations
Sworn translations with round seal (official stamp)
Proofreading of your translations
Computer Assisted Translations (CAT tools)

Interpretation Services

Simultaneous interpreting
Consecutive interpreting
Accompanying interpreting
Telephone interpreting

Translation of documents concerning imported vehiclese.g. vehicle registration & insurance translation

We will provide you with the official translation of documentation relating to the import of cars/vehicles from abroad.